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The JoMax Group, Inc.
The JoMax Group, Inc.
Investment, Financial and Management Consulting
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The JoMax Group, Inc.

The Consulting Group

JoMax provides investment, financial and management consulting services to its clients under project-based contracts and, performance-based fee arrangements. JoMax services include the following:

Investment Services - JoMax provides investment management services to Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs), venture capital funds and financial companies providing funding to small and medium size companies. These services include business investment analysis, due diligence services, deal structuring and pricing, negotiating and portfolio support.

SBIC Organizing Services - JoMax works with investor groups interested in organizing and obtaining an SBIC License. Most recently, JoMax developed a comprehensive SBIC business plan for a New York based financial group.

Financial Services - JoMax assists business clients in obtaining financing from various financial sources and investment companies.

Management Consulting Services - JoMax contracts to perform specific project-based services to businesses and financial groups. These services are well-defined and JoMax engages the necessary professionals to complete the project.

The JoMax group of Advisors and Consultants

Each firm, each business, each project has specific needs and unique requirements. To accommodate these differences, JoMax has identified experienced professionals in finance and business that assist JoMax in providing the corresponding service. In addition to JoMaxs own expertise, these professionals enhance JoMaxs service capabilities.

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The JoMax Group, Inc.


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